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Azilal young leaders


Azilal Young Developpemnt Leaders

Azilal Young Development Leaders is a young nonprofit initiative that aims to highly contribute to the development process of the region of Azilal (in Atlas Mountains) by empowering youth for positive change.

More About us

Azilal Young Developement Leaders, is also a serie of events and workshops to empower youth all over the kingdom.

Our talk show : Andru Awal

Andru Awal is an amazigh sentence that means “let’s talk”, and so we do. During the crisis the world is living right now, we launched a talk show to bring us together, we host guests from different domains to talk about their experiences.

Seminar to launch Tamkeen initiative in Azilal

Moroccan CISE launched the Tamkeen initiative in 2013 to introduce entrepreneurship to high school students. Our Association, is Partnering with MCISE to launch the intiative in Azilal this year.

No fundamental social change occurs merely because government acts. It's because civil society, the conscience of a country, begins to rise up and demand - demand - demand change.

Joe Biden

Azilal Young Leaders

Our Activities



The goal is to help Azilal’s students to prepare for the entrance’s exams of institutes and schools of higher education.


Student Forum

Since 2015, we have made it a tradition to organize a yearly student forum. The goal is to inform the students about studies after the baccalaureate.


Adopt The Pace Of Nature

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The untold story

We hosted a lecture about the untold stories that shifted our country’s history and shaped our present day.


Training day

We trained the young graduate students to make good resumes that will score them the jobs they deserve. We also organized job interview simulations to help them manage their stress.


Science Night

We hosted a talk about astrophysics and our place in universe in which it was discussed the basic laws of the cosmos.

Our Partners

Our goals are ambitious and can only be met in partnership with others. We work with a range of partners that help us achieve change for Azilal Young Leaders.

Our Impact


Our yearly student forum, succeed to gather +1400 student from all over Azilal region.

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Graduate Students

We proudly formed +100 graduate student in job searching techniques.

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During our conferences, we had more than 200 attendees, from different backgrounds.